Hot Tubs & Hydrotherapy

Soaking in the warm waters and soothing massage of quality hot tubs doesn’t just relax tense muscles and relieve stress; regular soaks of ten to fifteen minutes per day can have a multitude of therapeutic effects as well. Warm, massaging water can naturally relieve insomnia, lower blood pressure, decompress joints, regulate blood sugars and more.  All without the side effects of harmful drugs. Immersing yourself in a hot tub can also temporarily reduce chronic and arthritic pain, promote healing, and help detoxify your body.  It can even help reduce blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics with regular use.  All this in addition to hours of relaxation and fun for you, your friends and family.  Come to any Northern Alberta Spa Spot Hot Tub showroom to see our complete line of Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs and learn the difference between a spa made for true deep tissue massage and just warm bubbly water.

Hot Tubs, How they help.

When your body is first immersed in warm water, a Hot Tubs heated water allows the heart to begin pumping blood to the surface in an effort to cool it. As the water continues to warm the blood, it causes your core body temperature to rise, which in turn dilates your blood vessels. With less resistance to flow, your blood pressure is reduced, aiding in circulation. Your muscles relax in an effort to cool themselves, and your joints warm, reducing swelling and relieving minor aches and pains. The buoyancy of a body in water also reduces body weight by up to ninety percent, relieving pressure by elongating the spine as well as easing compression on joints and reducing pressure on your heart. Warm water’s natural detoxifying effects also help in cleansing your body.  As you begin to sweat, you start expelling toxins, helping you detoxify.

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