MAAX Collection Hot Tubs


An intimate and cozy tub, the Maax 451 is perfect for couples and small families. This 29-jet unit can seat three, including one lounge, with headrests and illuminated cup holders for all. Built with a steel substructure and DuraMAAX cabinetry, the Maax Collection 451 features the latest hot tub amenities, including foot relief zones, interior digital colour lighting and wifi connectivity.


With illuminated drink holders, performance seating, digital colour lighting, and two headrests, the Maax 461 is great for couples and small gatherings. 28 powerful jets are powered by two pumps, delivering soothing, massaging warmth to up to four people. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with programmable filter cycles and an optional Clean Zone II system.


With a capacity of almost 1500 litres, the Maax 470 model comfortably seats up to six people for an exceptional hot tub experience. This powerful model uses two pumps to power 46 jets, and comes equipped with Zone Therapy seating and Shiatsu seating. It also features our Aurora Cascade water feature, interior digital colour lighting and wifi connectivity to complete your hot tub experience.


Nearly 1600 litres of warm, soothing water makes the Maax 471 hot tub perfect for up to six adults. 59 stainless steel and AccuPressure jets massage your body neck and shoulders, while the ergonomically designed lounge seat and foot relief zones mean even more luxurious comfort for you and your guests. Perfect for entertaining, this hot tub also features Chromatherapy, two illuminated laminar streams, four illuminated cup holders, comfort collars and wifi connectivity.


Let the 57 head, neck, shoulder, and AccuPressure jets of the Maax 472 envelope you and up to four guests in massaging warmth. With two ergonomically designed loungers, zone therapy, and foot and calf relief zones, this soothing hot tub is designed for maximum relaxation. It also features programmable filter cycles and the Clean Zone system, with the option to upgrade to the Clean Zone II UV system, for even easier maintenance.


Up to five guests can enjoy the soothing warmth of the Maax 480 at any time, with its 61 massaging jets and 1647 litre capacity. Two illuminated waterfalls and two head cushions plus comfort collars keep your guests in comfort while illuminated cup holders for every guest and wifi connectivity complete an exceptional hot tub experience.


With a capacity of over 1700 litres, the Maax 481 is suitable for up to six adults. A steel substructure, ABS sealed base and Thermo-Lock insulation house two powerful pumps funneling water to 62 massaging jets. An ergonomically designed lounger, Zone Therapy and Foot Relief zone all add to the relaxation, while wifi connectivity, three illuminated cup holders and an optional MP3 sound system make this tub perfect for entertaining.


Almost 1700 litres of warm, soothing water and 62 jets make the Maax 482 a perfect tub for entertaining up to five people. Illuminated cup holders, laminar streams and chromatherapy add to the playful atmosphere, even while foot and calf zones work to relax and massage. Add optional pedestal lighting and a dynamic jet sequencer for the final touches to your hot tub experience.


Part of the Maax Spas Urban Collection of designer hot tubs, the Maax 581 combines our expertise on advanced hydroptherapy with modern, urban design, including the incorporation of natural elements. All of this in addition to standard hot tub amenities such as a programmable filter cycle for easy maintenance, wifi connectivity and three potent pumps powering 51 massaging stainless steel jets.


The Maax 780 uses three powerful pumps to move almost 1400 litres of water through an incredible 75 jets. Specifically built with a steel substructure and Thermo-Lock insulation, this ruggedly constructed tub is designed to accommodate up to seven guests simultaneously, and comes with seven illuminated cup holders, pedestal lights, two illuminated waterfalls, five head cushions, wireless connectivity and an MP3 sound system all built in for the ultimate Maax Spas hot tub experience.


Up to five adults can soak in over 1500 litres of massaging hot water with the Maax 781 hot tub. This model features 70 stainless steel and AccuPressure jets along with Zone Therapy and our Foot Relief Zone to deliver maximum relaxation and relief. Along with the ergonomically designed lounger with built-in dynamic jet sequencing, the Maax 781 is Maax Spas at it’s best.


The ultimate hot tub, the Maax 811 combines the best in advanced hydrotherapy, design and deluxe amenities. Three powerful pumps cycle over 1800 litres of water through 77 massaging stainless steel jets for up to six people simultaneously. Pedestal lights, chromatherapy, five illuminated cup holders and two waterfalls, four head cushions, wireless connectivity and an MP3/Bluetooth sound system all come standard, as well as a programmable filter cycle and Clean Zone II UV system for easy maintenance.

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