R-Series Hot Tubs


Cozy up to someone special in the R51 specifically designed for couples and small families. Seating up to three people, the R51 features illuminated diverters, a 3.5” underwater spa light with colour optic lighting, and chromatherapy standard. Add even more bold luxury with up to 14 AeroMAAX air jets and wifi connectivity to help create the perfect experience for you and your closest.


Geared towards maximum relaxation for up to six people, the 315 gallon/1192 litre the R70 uses two steel therapy pumps to power 38 hydrotherapy jets for total comfort. With a built-in neck relief station that comes standard, and the option for a second, this powerful but pleasing hot tub delivers total relief alongside other luxurious optional features like 14 powerful AeroMAAX jets or a built-in MP3 sound system.


Entertaining is the name of the game for R75 hot tub. Suitable for up to seven adults, this 310 gallon/1174 litre hot tub features 34 hydrotherapy jets (with stainless steel options available). Illuminated diverters and cup holders, as well as an illuminated water feature, colour chromatherapy and optional wifi connectivity and MP3/Bluetoooth sound system make this hot tub perfect for a night with friends and families.


Let 395 gallons/1495 litres of soothing, massaging hydrotherapy wash over up to six people simultaneously with the R80 hot tub. Illuminated diverters, cup holders and water feature make this versatile tub perfect for entertaining, while two pumps, 38 jets and an optional 14 AeroMAAX air jets create a powerful hydrotherapy environment.


Up to seven people can enjoy a soothing hot tub experience the R85 hot tub. With illuminated waterfalls, diverters and water features, this model creates a wonderful, beautiful atmosphere, while a standard neck relief station, 34 hydrotherapy jets, and optional second neck relief station add even more soothing luxury to the experience.

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