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Our infrared saunas use light wavelengths that deeply penetrate the skin,heating the body up from the inside. The average infrared sauna heats to about 60 degrees C (Ours go to 65C). When you’re in one it doesn’t feel as hot as a traditional non-infrared sauna, making it more comfortable to be in and doesn’t labor breathing. However, don’t let that fool you – because all of the work is happening on our insides, leading to an active sweat that has TONS of health benefits.

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As a leading retailer of hot tubs in Edmonton, we believe flawless customer service is the key to success in the Edmonton hot tubs business, and that’s why we’re always there for our customers. Whether it’s assisting on a warranty issue or just water balancing a hot tub, we make sure our culture of exceptional customer service strengthens our bonds with our customers.

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