Cleaning and Maintaining Hot Tub Filters

Hot tubs are great when you want to relax and unwind. However, maintaining them can be pretty tricky. The lotion, makeup, and other body fluids go into the water whenever a person takes a dip. So, hot tub filters are one of the most important parts of a hot tub. They remove small debris and dirt so that the water you bathe in stays clean.

On the other hand, these filters need cleaning too. Fortunately for you, we have listed a few ways to clean and maintain your hot tub filters. Read on to learn more.

Rinse Your Filters Weekly

One of the effective ways to keep your hot tub filters clean is to rinse it weekly. This is easy to do. Take out the filter and clean it with water. You can use water from the hose or faucet to rinse it. Just make sure to get in between the gaps to remove any debris.

Deep Cleaning Your Filters

On top of rinsing your filters every week, you should deep clean your filters once a month. This involves cleaning solutions and chemicals to wash your filters and remove stains and dirt that water alone can’t remove. There are simple household items that you can use to clean your filters, like dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and bleach. However, if done incorrectly, it can damage your filters.

Chemical Soaking Filters

It’s ideal to chemically soak your filters to remove the hard-to-reach dirt and stains that water and deep cleaning methods can’t remove. You should do this every three to four months. When you do so, leave your filters in the chemical solution overnight. After soaking them, rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Knowing When To Replace Your Filters

It is advised that you should change your filters every year unless you’re using ceramic filters, which can last for four to six years. If you start to notice that your hot tub’s water is getting dirty, it might be time to change your filters. The dirt might be the cause of torn, worn-out, or damaged filters. Make sure to check your filters regularly.

When in Doubt, Call the Professionals

If these tips don’t work, you should call the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation. If you are a hot tub owner from Alberta, Canada, you should reach out to The Spa Spot. We offer hot tub selection, hot tub cleaning, and more. Contact us today!

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