Creating Your Dream Spa at Home

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

On days when you feel drained and worn out, having a trip to your go-to spa seems like a good idea. However, most of them have closed down because of the pandemic. Instead of going out, you can create your at-home spa to recharge while saving money. Below are some tips you can follow to mimic the holistic experience you get from luxury spas.

Bring Out Your Robe – Wear a nice robe for a full-on at-home spa experience. Choose fabrics like silk, satin, or cotton that feel comfortable and light on the skin. You can also use fluffy towels to dry your hands and face after washing. The color white resonates with a clean and luxurious spa, so make sure to bring out your white towels.

Light Your Favorite Candles – No at-home spa is complete without lighting some scented candles. This is the perfect time to light the ones you are saving for special occasions (we are all guilty of this) and spoil yourself a little. Aside from the aromatic smell, a candlelit room also gives off a cozy feel.

Invest in Essential Oils – Scents can instantly change one’s mood. Essential oils are all the rage nowadays because of a good reason: you can use them in multiple ways and enjoy their many health benefits. Add a few drops to your bath, mix with water for a DIY room spray, or diffuse your favorite ones to keep your home fragrant. Find simple ways to incorporate aromatherapy at home to mimic the experience you get from spas.

Dim the Lights – Harsh lighting ruins a beautiful spa experience. Your lights play a huge factor in creating your dream at-home spa. Create a serene vibe by dimming the lights and adding candlelight (using a scented candle is a plus).

Play Relaxing and Calming Music – Tap into your sense of sound and put soothing music on loop. Create your spa playlist with soft instrumentals that you can zone out to. Avoid songs with lyrics that could prompt thoughts because your goal is to keep your mind relaxed. Try listening to chirping birds, violin sessions, and classical piano music instead.

Make Your Spa B – Pamper yourself by adding rose petals and Himalayan salt to your warm bath. Roses are known to have antioxidants that help neutralize our body’s free radicals and regenerate skin tissues. Himalayan salt, on the other hand, gives a soothing effect to the skin because of the many minerals it contains. You can also enjoy your bath time while reading a book or putting on an exfoliating face mask.

A good quality hot tub adds up to your beautiful at-home spa experience. The Spa Spot, a hot tub store located in Alberta, Canada, offers varieties of hot tubs you can choose from. Contact us and complete your spa setup at home.

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