Everything You Should Know About Hydromassage

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Hydromassage is an effective way to relieve stress and fatigue. It's among the lesser-known massage techniques used to relax a person's mind and body. Read on to learn more about hydromassage, including how it works and what its main benefits are.

What Is Hydromassage, and How Does It Work?

Hydromassage is a form of massage that involves pressurized jets of hot water making contact with the body. It is commonly done in a hydromassage tub or table, where the person can immerse or lie during a session. The whole therapy lasts for just about 10 to 15 minutes. And since the patient is sometimes required to submerge themselves in water, it is often recommended for them to wear light and comfortable clothing.

What Are Its Benefits?

Aside from the common stress- and anxiety-relieving benefits of a typical massage, a hydromassage session offers other perks. One example is improved blood circulation. According to studies, hydromassage is effective in increasing the flow of blood throughout your body. With better circulation, your body receives nutrients, oxygen, and other essential minerals much faster. As a result, your organs will always work at their optimal condition.

What Are Its Risks Factors?

Hydromassage may have a lot of benefits, but it also has various risk factors. It's why if you plan to get one, it's best to consult your doctor and other health professionals first. People with certain skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis should be cautious when trying a hydromassage. Soaking in warm water for long periods might trigger their symptoms to start. Meanwhile, senior citizens and those with osteoporosis should also be careful while undergoing a session. They might slip and fall in the tub while using it, causing fractures or other bone injuries.

Experience Hydromassage at Home

Usually, you can only get a hydromassage from clinics, spas, and gyms. But now, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home, too! You can purchase a hydromassage tub and have it installed in your residence in Alberta. This way, you can get the therapy that you need anytime that you want it. If you want to purchase a tub, contact us at The Spa Spot. We can help you choose the right one that fits your needs perfectly!

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