What’s Green Hot Tub Water and How To Fix It?

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A hot tub is a luxury you can experience from the comfort of your home. However, owning one requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it in mint condition. One way you can tell your hot tub is clean and clear is when the water is blue. So, if you notice green hot tub water, it might be a sign you need to do some troubleshooting techniques.

What Makes Hot Tub Water Green?

Algae is one of the main culprits of hot tub water turning green. If your hot tub at home has an insufficient level of sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine, there is a huge chance of algae growth. When algae are present in your tub, the water will eventually turn green.

Another factor that affects the color of your hot tub water is when there is an excessive amount of metal. This includes iron, copper, and manganese. Even if you have enough sanitizer, but you have high contents of metals, water can still turn green. Once these metals react with water, they can cause a green tint.

How To Clear Green Hot Tub Water?

Water that has just turned green can be easier to solve compared to water that has been green for more than 24 hours. The first thing you can do when you notice a green tint in your water is to remove the hot tub cover and pillows if there are any. Next, add about 60g of sanitizer – either chlorine or bromine – for every 1,500L of water, then turn the jets on and wait for an entire cycle. Lastly, wait for 12 to 24 hours before using your tub again.

However, if the hot tub water has been green for more than a whole day, you will have to drain all the water out. Secondly, clean the insides of the tub thoroughly before refilling it with fresh water. Then, cleanse the filters and wipe off any dirt. Finally, add a sanitizer of your choice once the hot tub has reached its right temperature level – which is usually around 38 degrees Celsius.

Talk to the Experts

Hot tub maintenance and care can be a handful, but once you start using your tub again and enjoy clean and blue water, all the cleaning and maintenance will be worth it. It is best to always pay attention to the small problems to avoid murky, cloudy, and green hot tub water. If you need a new hot tub, contact The Spa Spot, they offer various hot tubs in Alberta, Canada.

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