Should You Put Your Outdoor Hot Tub Under a Roof?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Outdoor Hot Tub

Putting your hot tub outdoors is one of the best ways to induce relaxation while getting fresh air and enjoying nature. The dilemma many hot tub owners face is whether they should install a roof or not. This blog lists down some of the perks and drawbacks of doing so. Read on to help yourself make a more informed decision.


Many people consider putting a roof over their hot tubs. After all, doing so offers quite a lot of benefits, such as:

More Privacy

One of the main reasons people want to use hot tub enclosures is to get enough privacy from neighbors and passersby. If you feel uncomfortable disrobing in the open, then installing an enclosure can definitely help. There are many options to choose from. You can buy a hot tub gazebo or pergola if you still want to enjoy nature outside while relaxing in the water. Using a retractable privacy screen is a great idea, as well, if you want a low-cost option.

Extra Protection

Installing an enclosure protects your hot tub and prevents it from getting damaged quickly. Hot tubs with a roof tend to last longer because they don’t get too exposed to the sun and rain. Also, putting a roof over your tub means you can soak in it no matter the weather. Whether it’s extremely hot or raining outside, you can still relax and enjoy the water without any problem.


While there are quite a few advantages of putting up a hot tub enclosure, there are quite a few drawbacks to doing so, as well. They include:

Cost of Installation

Building a hot tub enclosure can be pretty expensive. The materials to be used should be resistant to water to prevent them from getting damaged after being exposed to moisture and other elements. Maintaining the enclosure could be pretty costly, as well. One way to prevent yourself from experiencing this problem is buying ready-made gazebos or pergolas. All you need to do is measure your tub and purchase an enclosure that’s big enough for it.

Obstructed View

Installing an enclosure obstructs your view of nature. This means that you can’t go stargazing while relaxing in the water at night. You can’t watch the clouds pass by while having your peaceful morning bath, as well. One of the suggested workarounds for this problem is using a transparent roof.

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