The size constraints, seating arrangements and electrical requirements are factors in narrowing down the perfect hot tub, and should be your first considerations.


Before shopping, determine where the spa will be placed. Most spas will be placed outdoors on a patio, porch, or deck. The site will need to be prepared prior to delivery of the hot tub, so make sure you measure the area before deciding on a particular hot tub size.

Envision possible outdoor locations by outlining the hot tub’s dimensions with a rope or garden hose. This will give you a visual perspective and help make the decision easier. Remember to leave room for access to the equipment, steps and cover lifter.

If you frequently entertain guests or relatives, make room for a larger spa with enough seats. Also remember that when there are a more people they are going to need plenty of space for their feet so make sure there is adequate space in the foot well area.

A couple or a single person could be satisfied with a 2-3 person tub, especially if space is limited. Keep in mind an extra seat or two is nice for more room to stretch out and enjoy more variety in seating.

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